2022 Gallery Of Selected Works

Exhibit Dates: November 1 – December 17, 2022

Sarah Montross, Senior Curator at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum juried the exhibit. She earned her MA and PhD at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and her BA from Vassar College. Montross is also one of the stewards of the Harvard Shaker Meeting House in Harvard, Massachusetts.

1st Place

"Woods" by Johanna Tiemann

34" x 33" Fiber Art

While on the trails, I came across some fallen trunks and limbs that resembled dancers legs entwined in passionate movement across the floor of the woods. Moss had almost covered them, adorning them with green costumes. I painted them on silk using acid dye, wax, and water-based resist.

2nd Place

"Cow Funnel" by Peter Jackson

16" x 29" Watercolor. Based on sketches and photos from Jan 1984 on Williams Conservation Land while still being farmed.

3rd Place

"UN/Natural Specimens"

16" x 13" AssemblageA collection of 10 glass petri dishes, containing a biologic sample that has been "corrupted" with man made items in a way as to blur the line between nature & man. Still beauty shines through. Ideally, viewers will be simultaneously attracted & repelled, but most importantly, curious. All assemblages are hand sewn & preserved in UV resistant resin. It is presented with black lights & a magnifying glass for viewers to examine them more closely. 

Exhibited Works of Art

River At Oxbow

Lizzie Abelson


Lily Baddour

Nature's Tapestry

Rachel Benson

Fruitland Hills

Linda Lea Bertrand

Shaker Steps

Kent Boynton

Oxbow Bridge

Kent Boynton

Delaney Land

Amy Byron

WestOak Land

Amy Byron

Framed Moment

Carolyn Carbonell

Otter Portrait

Carolyn Carbonell

Summer Afternoon

Kate Connolly

Lilly Pads

Babs Dasilva

Winter Glow

Joelle Feldman

Winter Marsh

Petri Flint

Delaney Twilight

Ann Gillespie

Mirror Lake

Dana Haigh

Morning Blush

Susan Hansen

Chasm Ruins

Cheryl Hardy-Faraci

Enchanted Patch

Emily Harris

All Calm

AnnMarie Hershberger

Pin Hill

Linda Hoffman

Primitive Processes

Nikki Howland

Un/Natural Specimens

Liz Ives

Cow Funnel

Peter Jackson

Morning Ascent

Peter Jackson

Williams Land

Gina Kalenderian

Almost Night

Darya Karenski

Little Island

Darya Karenski

Summer Dance

Olga Konstantinova

Prospect Hill Sunset

Gwendoly Leonard

Forest Frolic

Natalie MacKnight

Like Frida

Jordan Manning

Shaker Spring House

Margaret McCandless

Path to Forest

Lia McClain

Water Wisp

Brian McQuillan

Top Of The Hill

Judith-Grace Miller

WestOak View

Cara Morine

Fruitlands #2

Lisa Nelson

Prospect Hill Pond

Jade Olson

Monarchs on Milkweed

Suzan Osborn

Three Leaves

Colleen Pearce

Turkey Tails

Colleen Pearce


Susan Penney Marion

The Unseen

Gloria Pierce

Spring Thaw

Joanne Quinn

Honest Living

Alice Rosa

High Noon

Julie Sahlins

Looking West

Georgia Sassen


Judith Schutzman

Quilter's Dream

Judith Schutzman


Lyn Slade

May Afternoon

Denise Theodores


Johanna Tiemann

Delaney Pond

Laszlo Vasko

Hay Bales 

Anne Vosikas

Small Small & Smaller

Marcy Wanzer

Stone Barn

Judy Warner

Meadow View

Margie West

Back Fields

Bridie Wolejko

Old Tree

Oksana Zotkina

2022 featured an immersive video installation created by Bearwalk Cinema. Filmed in Harvard over the course of 2.5 years, Bearwalk’s film captures the experience of protected natural lands, observed unobtrusively.  

Watch the video here!