About the

Harvard Conservation Trust

The Harvard Conservation Trust (HCT) is a volunteer based, non-profit land trust that protects Harvard’s wildlife, habitats, water resources and farmlands. HCT actively works with private landowners, Town officials, and partner organizations to acquire land and conservation restrictions. Over 1,000 acres of pristine land are being preserved to protect:

  • rural and agricultural character

  • open space for outdoor recreation, education and enjoyment

  • areas of historical significance and natural beauty

  • water resources and wetlands

  • areas with unique natural features or ecological significance


Fivesparks is a dynamic community arts collaborative dedicated to providing opportunities that deepen and diversify cultural and social experiences in the greater community. The volunteer-run organization was established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) and found a home in the Town of Harvard's historic Hapgood building. Originally housing the Harvard Public Library, the building has always been a center for community gathering, public education and expanding the boundaries of curiosity, expression and learning. Fivesparks' presence adds vibrancy to Harvard's town center and encourages community interaction by hosting art classes, educational programming, author speaking events, music programming, community meetings, and a rotation of art exhibits in its gallery and other spaces.