Harvard Conservation Trust
& Fivesparks announce

Destination: Nature 2024

A juried art show featuring art inspired by the balance between society and nature in the Nashua River Watershed.

 The Harvard Conservation Trust is partnering again with Fivesparks to celebrate art and nature with a juried art show.  This exhibit will highlight the beauty of the diverse environments of the Nashua River Watershed: the river with all its tributaries, its wildlife, plant life and the lands and communities it nourishes. 

This year’s theme is: 

“Wild and Scenic”

offering artists the chance to reflect their interactions with and response to the wild and scenic Nashua River Watershed. Artists are free to interpret this theme in any way that captivates viewers' attention and imagination. 

Submissions open September 6, 2024

Important Dates:

7 Fairbank Street
Harvard, MA 01451

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