Destination: Nature 2024

About the Juror

2024 Juror - Jane Winchell

Jane Winchell

Jane Winchell is the Sarah Fraser Robbins Director of Peabody Essex Museum's Dotty Brown Art & Nature Center and Curator of the museum's historic Natural History collection. She led the multiyear development and creation of the original interdisciplinary Art & Nature Center, which opened in 2003, and the reimagined and expanded Center which features a new space - The Pod - that opened in 2019. During her tenure, Winchell has curated over 25 exhibitions for the museum about our evolving relationship with the more-than-human world, ranging from shows about biomimetic design to art made from trash. These interdisciplinary exhibitions and projects regularly feature works by contemporary artists, designers, and scientists. Since 2021 Winchell has been spearheading the institution's new Climate + Environment Initiative that features a series of exhibitions, program offerings and institutional undertakings to address the planetary crisis. Her most recent exhibitions include Our Time On Earth, Bats!, Climate Action: Inspiring Change, and Down to the Bone: Edward Koren and Stephen Gorman.